Fire Emblem Heroes Announced for Smart Devices

fire emblem heroes

Today during the Nintendo Direct Nintendo announced Fire Emblem Heroes for smart devices. The mobile installment of the popular turned based strategy game looks very similar to past Fire Emblem games. Characters such as Chrom from Fire Emblem Revelations along with other past characters will appear in the game. Players will be able to level up, battle throughout the Fire Emblem series anywhere from their smart device. Playing as a summoner, the player can summon heroes from the Fire Emblem series. All the maps are designed to fit the screen of your smart device. Like past entries in the series terrain will make a significant difference in offense / defense. The traditional triangle system (like rock, paper, scissors) returns, with ax weapons beating spears (pole-arms), swords beating axes and spears beating swords. See screenshots for Fire Emblem Heroes below.

Fire Emblem Heroes Release Date for Google Play, iPad and iPhone is February 2nd, 2017.


fire emblem heroes screenshot fire emblem heroes screenshot


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