New Super Mario Run Details Include Android Version & Miitomo Support

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There is a Super Mario Run Android version in development. During Nintendo’s recent financial results briefing Nintendo confirmed that a version of Super Mario Run is being developed for the Android, but currently has no release timing is available.  Super Mario Run will also connect with Miitomo, with preparations being made to carry over friend relationships over to Super Mario Run. Nintendo mentioned Super Mario Run’s challenge mode which allows you to compete with other players. This competitive mode will somehow interface with the Miitomo app for the iPhone and iPad.


According to Nintendo’s financial results briefing over 20 million people will be receiving a notification when Super Mario Run releases. Mario’s first iPhone and iPad app is already gearing up to be Nintendo’s next big mobile game. Nintendo also announced that the company is increasing the number of countries Super Mario Run will be released in, going from 100 to 150 countries. The game will be downloadable for free in some aspects, but to unlock the entire game customers will have to pay a set price. This according to Nintendo will allow the consumer to play Super Mario repeatedly without worrying about additional fees.


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