Super Mario Run Releasing On iPhone & iPad In December

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Super Mario Run is releasing on iPhone & iPad this December (2016). Shigeru Miyamoto announced Super Mario Run on stage at the Apple event today. The game is similar to Rayman or Bit Trip Runner, which are classified as automatic runner games.

Super Mario Run Screenshot from IOS version.

In the game Mario continues to run to the right. Players will tap the devices screen to get Mario to jump, avoiding obstacles and picking up coins & power-ups. The App store listing talks about three different modes. The first contains challenging courses, the second allows you to challenge the ghost replay of other people’s completed courses, and the third allows you to create your own Mushroom Kingdom using coins collected when playing one of the other modes. So far Super Mario Run is only available on the iPhone and iPad (IOS), but expect to see the app on Android eventually.


Super Mario Run has a release date set for December this year (2016).


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