Babylon's Fall Player Count Drops To A Single Person

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    Struggling live-service hack-and-slash Babylon’s Fall tumbled to just a single concurrent player on PC last week, perhaps marking the finish of interest in the game. The Square Enix and PlatinumGames endeavor has been marked as a failure by almost every side of the gaming local area, and hasn’t appeared to improve despite statements from Babylon’s Fall developers reaffirming their obligation to the title.

    While it had ostensibly large ambitions at launch, Babylon’s Fall has failed to attract a significant player base. Released in March of this year, the game was almost immediately branded as a failure because of unfortunate initial sales and a sharp drop in player counts just after launch. Although Babylon’s Fall appeared to have some promise in previews, demos, and trailers – also the fact that it comes from reputable studio PlatinumGames – critics and players alike have lambasted the game for its questionable art design, tangled narrative, and lack of variety. The live-service game was described as repetitive in Babylon’s Fall reviews, and it seems that most gamers have since a long time ago continued on from the title, which had the additional misfortune of releasing in a year packed with best-selling, critically acclaimed games.

    Things don’t appear to have improved for this Square Enix release, as VGC reports that the Babylon’s Fall’s concurrent player count on Steam dropped to just one player on Wednesday, May 4. This is the lowest that the player count for the game has gotten, however it hasn’t fared much better outside of May 4, as that same Steam Charts data expresses that its peak player count last week was just 77 concurrent players. Interestingly, this number is actually above the 30-day average for Babylon’s Fall, which was just 64 concurrent players.

    This information is certainly surprising, despite the fact that the game’s shortcomings have been no secret. Babylon’s Fall had an exceptionally low player count on launch day, yet even releases with similarly controversial launches, similar to Marvel’s Avengers, never dropped to just a single player in Steam Charts data. This situation is particularly bad considering the fact that Babylon’s Fall is meant to be a live-service multiplayer game – a subgenre that survives on large concurrent player counts.

    Perhaps the most disheartening aspect of Babylon’s Fall is that the gaming scene seems to have totally disregarded it. The writing looks to be on the wall for this game, as Square Enix could wind up simply shutting its servers down and packing things up. While this would anger players who already purchased the game, it’s impossible that anything short of a total overhaul can save Babylon’s Fall.

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