D&D Campaign and Terrain Case Make It Easy To Map Out Adventures

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    The Dungeons and Dragons DMs of the world will soon have an easy solution for creating maps and counters on the fly, as Wizards of the Coast has announced the D&D Campaign Case: Creatures and the D&D Campaign Case: Terrain sets. These new sets were announced during the first-ever D&D Direct online showcase, along with new D&D books and D&D video game content.

    Everything necessary to play D&D is the three center rulebooks, a set of dice, some pencil and paper, and imagination, yet there are lots of groups that like to improve their game with different accessories. The players who need to expand their options can use the additional rulebooks released after the Player’s Handbook, such as Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons, or Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything. A ton of groups also prefer to use maps and minis, as they can be used to visualize battle encounters and assist everybody with keeping track of their ongoing position on the battlefield. A map is also useful for measuring the effects of AoE spells and abilities. There are standard plastic minis accessible, however some D&D players will make custom minis that better mirror their personality.

    There will soon be a new option in contrast to maps and minis. Wizards of the Coast revealed during the D&D Direct that two new sets are on the way that will make running games easier. These are the D&D Campaign Case: Creatures set, which contains counters and markers for monsters of different sizes, and the D&D Campaign Case: Terrain set, which contains inter-locking map pieces with markers for different items on the overworld. Pre-orders for the two sets are live and they will be released on July 19, 2022.











    D&D Campaign Case: Creatures contains 64 plastic disks of different sizes that can be used as counters during battle. The set comes with five sheets of reusable clings, depicting classic D&D monsters, which can be applied and removed the counters as needed. D&D Campaign Case: Terrain contains an adventure grid map, and a set of 30 double-sided adventure tiles that can be clipped together as needed, with different background fine art featured. This set also comes with five sheets of reusable clings, depicting items that the DM need to add to a map, such as an open air fire or a nest filled with eggs. These make it easy for D&D DMs on a tight schedule, who lack the opportunity to get ready maps or minis. The two sets are stored in easy-to-convey cases, taking the load off for the DMs who are carrying lots of items to a game.

    These sets are ideal for DMs who need to run short introductory games at a show or to keep to hand at whatever point the players do something unexpected. The sectioned map pieces are also useful for slowly assembling a dungeon room by room so that players are getting a vibe for its scope as they investigate. These sets can make running D&D easier for groups that partake in the battle and investigation sides of the game, as the D&D experience can be improved by maps and pieces that give a glimpse at the monsters the gathering is facing.

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