Elden Ring Friends Intro Is A Celebration of Memes

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    A hilarious fan video combines the open-world epic Elden Ring with the cherished sitcom Friends to pay recognition for the game’s memes. The popularity of FromSoftware’s newest pretending game has resulted in many memes and inside jokes amongst the title’s fans. While Friends concluded in 2004, tributes like adding character Ross Geller into Elden Ring demonstrate the continued popularity of the massively successful show.

    Elden Ring takes players to The Lands Between, a one of a kind fantasy world created as a collaboration among FromSoftware and novelist George R.R. Martin. Top to bottom legend details the origins of the setting and its various deities, and the game itself takes place after an apocalyptic occasion known as The Shattering. Playing as a humble Tarnished, Elden Ring tasks players with fighting through The Lands Between to rejoin shards of the Elden Ring and become the new Elden Lord. The popularity of the soulslike game, along with its special multiplayer message mechanics, has spawned a huge number of Elden Ring message memes and other humorous inside jokes.

    A hilarious Elden Ring video, created by YouTuber Marco Yolo, references several of the game’s most notable memes while also mimicking the Friends intro. The sitcom’s iconic signature song plays as Yolo chooses their starting class, kicking off a montage of the game’s most bizarre and frustrating mechanics. Underhanded players leave messages reading “stowed away path ahead” in front of ordinary walls, non-player character Varre calls the player “maidenless” and a giant lobster brutalizes the hapless player. Mirroring Friends, the video highlights supporting characters like the horse Torrent, the backstabbing Patches and a “canine” that is actually a turtle.











    Running from the late 1990s to early 2000s, Friends’ popularity has influenced countless tributes from a generation of gamers. For example, one fan added Grand Theft Auto characters to the Friends intro to pay homage to the classic sitcom and celebrate the release of the GTA: The Trilogy remasters. Like Marco Yolo’s video, the hilarious alter combines footage of brutal criminals like Vic Vance, Tommy Vercetti and Carl Johnson with the iconic Friends signature song. Just as Marco Yolo included figures like the Mimic Tear and the Two Fingers, the GTA recognition highlights Tony the Parrot as a major character.

    Elden Ring features an extremely diverse cast of supporting characters, and Marco Yolo has included all of them in the hilarious recreation of the Friends intro. The video compiles the fantasy epic’s best memes and oddest quirks, including references to frustrating multiplayer messages and bizarre foe encounters. Referring to Elden Ring character Ranni the Witch as “blue waifu” demonstrates that Marco Yolo is perfectly on top of the open-world soulslike’s dedicated fanbase.

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