Elden Ring Player Beats the Game Without Ever Attacking

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    There are so many foes that want the Tarnished dead all through Elden Ring that it might seem ridiculous to figure the game can be beaten without retaliating. One committed player put that under a magnifying glass, however, and demonstrated that one can become Elden Lord without attacking even once. However the game’s director, Hidetaka Miyazaki, has stated Elden Ring is less stressful than FromSoftware titles that preceded, the game remains trying for many players and becomes significantly more so when certain restrictions are imposed.

    FromSoftware fans are no strangers to self-imposed challenges that can range from genuinely straightforward to extremely extraordinary. Often times these manifest themselves in either no-hit or no-passing runs, sometimes both at the same, however at that point there are some who take more time to something else altogether by executing restrictions outside the game such as using unorthodox controllers or in any event, being blindfolded. Now that the designer’s open-world title has been out for over a month, the local area is starting to do likewise with feats such as beating Elden Ring without taking any harm among others.

    YouTuber Iron Pineapple supplied the latest installment of an extraordinary test when they chose to take on Elden Ring without ever attacking. The strategy relies vigorously on a gameplay mechanic exceptional to FromSoftware’s open-world installment: Spirit Ashes. With the assistance of some clever exploits, gravity, recuperating spells, and weapon upgrades to buff the usage of the Mimic Tear Ashes, Iron Pineapple demonstrated that this strategy is entirely practical as they managed to beat the entire game without delivering a single mark of harm as the Tarnished.











    The list of extraordinary Elden Ring accomplishments is steadily developing and does not necessarily encompass the scope of the entire game. Some of these self-imposed challenges are consigned to singular encounters or boss battles. This was exemplified by one player who managed to bring down Elden Ring’s Malenia at level 1, an extraordinary accomplishment considering that the Blade of Miquella is considered by many to be the game’s hardest boss.

    In the event that history is any indicator, the Elden Ring people group has significantly more challenges to set for itself before very long. What sets this separated from previous FromSoftware titles, however, is the open-world nature of the game, which allows for new types of self-imposed challenges never-before-seen in Souls-like games. Iron Pineapple has previously laid some basis with their ‘pacifist’ Elden Ring run and set a standard for innovative play-throughs going ahead.

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