Elden Ring Player Discovers Cheesiest Way to Beat Crucible Knight

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    An Elden Ring player just devised a cheap yet compelling way to defeat the dreaded Crucible Knight by luring it to a lift and watching as it plummets to its death. A considerable part of Elden Ring’s challenge comes from the many strong bosses that populate the open universe of the Lands Between. Much lesser enemies like goats and compost beetles can demonstrate deadly to an unprepared Tarnished, yet major Elden Ring foes like Radahn and Godfrey, the First Elden Lord, can and will result in many brutal player deaths during the quest to acquire the titular Elden Ring.

    Naturally, some Elden Ring players have devised clever alternative methods to defeating the bosses of FromSoftware’s latest action RPG, from getting Commander Niall stuck in a castle wall for some, speedy and easy arrow strikes to unleashing a devastating spell that can exhaust an enemy’s health bar in one hit. Others have utilized simple gravity as an equalizer during some of Elden Ring’s really punishing boss battles, as the same fall damage that often spells destruction to any Tarnished foolish enough to wave at the edge of a castle wall or attempt to launch an attack near a cliffside can also be used to end fearsome Elden Ring enemies like the Valiant Gargoyles in short request.

    The latest example of fall damage being used against an Elden Ring boss comes from Reddit user MrNoobyy, who posted a video clasp of their latest battle against the fearsome Crucible Knight to r/EldenRing a day ago. MrNoobyy notes that they were having trouble against the Crucible Knight in straight combat, so they devised an alternative approach: sneak up behind the boss and attack it, then lead it onto a chain-lift elevator inside the nearby Stromveil Castle. As the elevator starts to take off, MrNoobyy rolls off of it, then, at that point, waits for the Crucible Knight to leap off of it from a significant distance higher up in an attempt to catch up to its quarry. This strange strategy proves successful, as the Crucible Knight parishes the second it hits the ground.











    Players have spent the past month sharing all kinds of interesting Elden Ring content, from humorous montages of the various hazards of the Lands Between to boss fight videos that seem as though they were pulled from a major financial plan Hollywood blockbuster. There are even a lot of tomfoolery, fan-made Elden Ring crossovers thanks to players using the game’s top to bottom character-creation tools to make medieval versions of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or even Ross Gellar from Friends, as well as using mods to craft awe-inspiring fights between Homer Simpson and Shrek.

    Despite all this tomfoolery, the universe of Elden Ring remains a dark and dangerous place loaded up with all kinds of deadly enemies and environmental hazards that could spell the finish to any aspiring Elden Lord. In any case, these same dangers can also be used against the bosses of Elden Ring, as shown with MrNoobyy’s latest defeat of the Crucible Knight by tricking the dark warrior into plunging to a troublesome end. This kind of creativity can assist different players with navigating through the Lands Between and take down the game’s most impressive foes.

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