Elden Ring Streamer Beats The Game Without Taking Any Damage At All

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    In a display of immense skill and dedication, a streamer managed to move credits on the famously challenging Elden Ring without taking any damage. FromSoftware’s latest release has substantiated itself to be an overall peculiarity in ways that other games from the studio have not, with both hardcore and casual gamers alike cutting their teeth on Elden Ring’s combat mechanics, complex legend, and dizzyingly large open world.

    While many long-lasting FromSoftware fans are of the opinion that Elden Ring is a lot easier than the legendary Japanese studio’s previous outings, it is still quite a challenging game. Many FromSoftware hallmarks appear in Elden Ring, from enemies dealing immense amounts of damage to menacing, high-HP tank bosses. As the designer’s first open-world title, players can get some distance from many of its challenges to investigate and turn out to be all the more remarkable and experience, which makes for a more accessible encounter. One thing that is arguably more troublesome about Elden Ring when compared to games like Dark Souls or Bloodborne is that same open world, in any case, as it is loaded up with hazardous geography and secret dangers. Elden Ring also has some precarious enemies that can catch the player unawares as they traverse The Lands Between.

    On April 1, a streamer called Seki made Elden Ring’s many challenges and threats resemble a piece of cake. An announcement on Seki’s Twitter (via Kotaku) stated that he finished a no-hit, no-damage run of the game – making him the first player to do as such. While speaking with Kotaku, Seki was sure to point out that completing a no-damage run is unique in relation to completing a no-hit run, as players have to avoid taking damage from both adversary NPCs and the climate. This feat is made significantly more impressive by the fact that this run was finished in less than three hours.











    Anyone who has managed to reach one of Elden Ring’s different endings the traditional way knows exactly the way that astonishing Seki’s accomplishment is. Beating the game in just more than two hours and fifty minutes is adequately shocking, not to mention doing so without taking a lick of damage. The universe of Elden Ring is heavily populated with poisonous swamps, jagged cliffs, and other risks in addition to its multitudinous enemies, so avoiding all types of damage could seem almost impossible to many players.

    As is the case at whatever point someone sets a new speedrun record, there are possible several players already training to top Seki. Fortunately for fans of this sort of happy, there is no shortage of exceptional runs to follow, as Elden Ring’s daunting world encourages players to best it.

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