Elden Ring's Latest Patch Makes Starscourge Radahn Stronger

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    Elden Ring has gotten another patch that has made Starscourge Radahn stronger by eliminating some of the nerfs he persevered in the last update. Starscourge Radahn is a troublesome Elden Ring boss that provided players with a difficult situation at send off, however he was debilitated in one of the post-send off patches for the game.

    The Starscourge Radahn fight gives the player several NPC summons that they can approach for help. The player will require all the assist they with canning get, as Starscourge Radahn can fire strong supernatural arrows from a good ways, use his massive swords to strike with attacks that have an enormous AoE, play out a plunging assault that turns him into a meteor, and summon a downpour of mystical orbs that strike the player. Starscourge Radahn might have been altogether too strong in FromSoftware’s eyes, as he endured a shot in strength. The 1.03 patch for Elden Ring nerfed Starscourge Radahn, decreasing the strength and hitboxes of attacks by a recognizable degree.

    It seems that some of the changes made with Starscourge Radahn were accidental. The authority Bandai Namco website has reported that an update has been released to the 1.03 patch for Elden Ring. This update rolls back some of the changes made to Starscourge Radahn, as the force of some of his attacks had been inadvertently decreased.











    The Elden Ring patch notes are frustratingly unclear with respect to Starscourge Radahn’s changes, yet fans are as of now testing him out and it seems that his attacks are stronger, however the hitboxes are still smaller, and different changes have remained. This version of Starscourge Radahn is currently the third version of the battle to exist, starting with the fierce send off version of the boss and followed by the nerfed version in the 1.03 patch.

    The Elden Ring fanbase needed the nerfs reversed and they have to some extent accepted their wish. The Soulsborne fans who struggled against Starscourge Radahn at send off and in the end defeated him didn’t see the value by they way he was debilitated in an update, as new players won’t encounter the same test as they did. It’s still possible to play the send off version of Elden Ring by installing it without updates, however this also means being not able to use any of the web-based content, as the game needs to be completely refreshed to use the multiplayer. Elden Ring is still a work in progress and it’s probably going to get more tweaks before long, and it’s possible that Starscourge Radahn will get considerably more changes from now on.

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