Fortnite Creative's Economy Will Have Big Changes This Year, Says CEO

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    The economy of the well known Creative mode in Fortnite will be seeing some significant changes this year, according to Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney. This UGC stage has been the origin of several novel and impressive creations, with Fortnite creators making Cyberpunk 2077 tributes, race tracks, and considerably more.

    Similar to other viral computer games like Minecraft, Fortnite offers a Creative mode that gives players the tools they need to make massive environments and, surprisingly, their own other game modes. These players can then share a code that corresponds to their custom guide, allowing other players to visit the worlds and partake in various activities. This mode also provides opportunities to use items and features that aren’t accessible in the base game. While fans have observed no shortage of entertainment through this mode, it can also be worthwhile for creators, as Fortnite pays out five percent of every sale linked to a specific maker code. This can be especially advantageous for players behind famous custom Fortnite game modes like Prison Break.

    The economy integrated into Fortnite Creative will see some “big changes” sometime this year, according to comments made by Tim Sweeney on Twitter (through PCGamesN). Sweeney had previously affirmed that Fortnite Creative 2.0 would be released this year, yet his tweet guaranteed that the third version of this mode was being chipped away at right now as well. It’s muddled when Epic Games plans to ship Fortnite Creative 3.0.

    While Sweeney’s comments are certainly unclear, Fortnite creators might dare to dream that these “big changes” will help them. There is probable a not-insignificant part of the maker local area that feels unsatisfied with the 5% share given to them through the present economy, especially considering how much turn out expected for ambitious creations like the M. Night Shyamalan-inspired Fortnite map.

    Looking past just the financial side of things, it will be interesting to see what other changes these new versions of Fortnite Creative bring. This other game mode as of now offers players a gigantic assortment of options with regards to crafting environments and minigames, however as games like Minecraft and Roblox demonstrate, the sky is the breaking point with regards to titles based on user-created content. Fortnite all in all consistently receives massive, game-changing updates, so quite a bit of its player base might have generally expected this same level and recurrence of updates for the Creative mode; assuming Sweeney’s comments are to be accepted, that might be by and large the thing players get this year.

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