Fortnite Players Angry Over Lack Of April Fools Jokes

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    Avid players of Fortnite are angry that there was no April Fools occasion in the thing shop this year. Although Epic Games as of late released Chapter 3 Season 2 of the esteemed Fortnite featuring an unexpectedly successful Zero Build battle royale mode, players have still every now and again been disappointed with the developers over various aspects. Fortnite is typically fast to create events based on mainstream society or holidays, so it is shocking that April Fools would be missed.

    Fortnite’s latest season has been a revival of sorts for the title. Despite featuring one more Marvel crossover with Doctor Strange in the Battle Pass, the lack of building features that set Fortnite apart from other battle royales has shown to be exactly what fans required and gave an open door to new gameplay mechanics. While some players are often annoyed by microtransactions in allowed to-play games, the thing shop featuring a pattern of various cosmetics (sometimes based on mainstream society like the reputed Moon Knight Fortnite skin) is vital to Fortnite players.

    Epic Games usually provides special thing shop events for special dates such as April Fools, so fans are reasonably disheartened with the lack of a themed occasion this year. According to DualShockers, fans responded negatively to tweets about flow thing shop updates today since neither of them featured anything April Fools. While one Fortnite tweet from the day announced the Lantern Fest occasion, dedicated to the Islamic holiday of Ramadan, and another reminded fans that the Chloe Kim skin will leave the thing shop soon, many Fortnite fans, such as Twitter user Shany, observed no issue sharing their grievances in the replies.

    While some replies straightforwardly targeted the engineer regardless of the content of the Tweet, many fans were pleased with the Ramadan occasion. However, this isn’t simply the only controversy Fortnite has viewed as in as of late. Once more epic Games was as of late sued by a Youtuber after utilizing a protected dance as an act out in the thing shop. Despite the fact that the thing shop is one of the most cherished parts of Fortnite, it unfortunately seems to cause the most issues within the game. Microtransactions are a point of contention in any allowed to-play game, but since of Epic Games’ battle royale’s extreme success in selling only cosmetic items and a large local area, it’s not surprising that Fortnite receives so many complaints.

    Despite all of this, Chapter 3 has attracted many players with its many crossovers, and Season 2 has so far pleased both more established and fresher fans. It is actually quite significant that Epic Games has also attributed to other important events besides April Fools, by donating Fortnite profits to Ukraine Relief. Fortnite receives just as much criticism as it does praise and because of this, its relevancy stays consistent.

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