Genshin Impact Devs Tease Next Game With Cryptic Website

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    Based on a website loaded up with cryptic imagery, Genshin Impact engineer HoYoverse will reveal its next game, Zenless Zone Zero, this coming end of the week. Established approximately a decade ago in Shanghai, China, the team previously known as miHoYo delivered different games before Genshin Impact’s brilliant success catapulted the studio to brand-new heights. The free-to-play game’s commercial victories, unsurprisingly, laid the preparation for company development, confirmed by the opening of HoYoverse’s first North American office in Montréal late last year.

    After much anticipation, Genshin Impact hit PC, PlayStation 4, and cell phones in September 2020, offering players a chance to explore a fantastical world loaded up with places to explore, characters to meet, and inventive special abilities to learn. HoYoverse’s regular substance updates keep players invested long haul, with new areas, playable heroes, and in-game activities entering the blend like clockwork or thereabouts. While in the center of churning out fresh satisfied for Genshin Impact, HoYoverse developers have also busied themselves with a totally new task that will soon take the spotlight in its own right.

    An official HoYoverse website (via Eurogamer) is presently teasing a task named Zenless Zone Zero. HoYoverse displayed the webpage after a living room in the 80s, complete with a container TV set as the focal point stacked atop a VCR. Several posters, VCR tapes, and subwoofers surround the television, as well. Most interesting, nonetheless, is the May 2022 calendar that sits to the side, with the thirteenth day of the month circumnavigated in red ink. Presumably, the improvement team will uncover Zenless Zone Zero this coming Saturday. Clicking the two dials situated on the TV provides a couple of more hints about what the Genshin Impact creator has planned. As of writing, the first dial unlocks an animated commercial starring a tiger and polar bear for something called Nitro Fuel. Pressing the second dial results in the appearance of a Breaking News broadcast; another press on the same button runs through several distorted images in a narrated video that mentions “doomsday” more than once.

    The 24-hour countdown clock resting atop the TV seems to mean when new imagery will enter the rotation for the TV’s dial presses. In about 22 hours from now, then, those who visit the website will likely be invited by another teaser video of some kind. Whether it may offer concrete details remains a mystery for the present.

    Information on whatever Zenless Zone Zero entails isn’t all HoYoverse fans await to hear from the studio. The delay of Genshin Impact’s 2.7 update recently threw players for a circle, however the advancement team plans on compensating users with free week after week gifts starting Wednesday, May 11. Notably, the free rewards will include items such as Primogems and Resin.

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