Halo Infinite Finally Adds Announcer Jeff Steitzer to Big Team Battles

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    A special treat is coming for Halo Infinite players since Season 1 has finished, as designer 343 Industries reported that amazing announcer Jeff Steitzer would be loaning his voice to the Big Team Battle mode. Steitzer has been the announcer for Halo games returning to 2001’s Halo: Combat Evolved and is also the announcer for Halo Infinite. In any case, with the presentation of the famous Big Team Battle mode, Halo fans have seen that Steitzer’s voice was conspicuously absent.

    Big Team Battle is a mode that has been a staple of Halo games for quite a long time. Big Team Battle is the massive cutthroat mode that features 12 versus 12 battle on bigger maps that frequently incorporate vehicles. It is one of the most widely recognized game modes in the Halo franchise, so players were not under any condition surprised to see it return in Halo Infinite. Notwithstanding, the game was also refreshed by the team sizes being increased to 12 players from the previous 8. Curiously, however, the playlist didn’t include the notable voice of Jeff Steitzer. This caused a ton of clamor from players who didn’t see the reason why he was missing from the Big Team Battle playlist. Presently, 343 Industries is redressing this mistake.

    Halo as of late released a post named “Season 1 Outcomes Report” in which the developers gave some insight from the local area’s input through Season 1 and discuss some impending changes that would be made in response to this. Inside the multiplayer discussions, under the heading for Big Team Battle, the Halo team affirmed that Jeff Steitzer’s voice would get back to the mode to get down on player-procured medals. This caused an extraordinary response from Halo Infinite players, who have been anxious to see Steitzer return to Big Team Battle. Despite the fact that Steitzer was highlighted in other Halo Infinite multiplayer modes, he will currently be remembered for the game’s most famous game mode.











    Albeit the team at 343 Industries is attempting to redress these issues and respond to player complaints, these changes might still be coming too late. Halo Infinite players have been outspoken about the state of the game at present. While Halo Infinite had an extraordinarily successful send off, numerous players have bemoaned the absence of a fight royale mode.

    In any event, one of Halo Infinite’s most famous game modes is getting an improvement that players have been asking for. Jeff Steitzer is as center to Halo as is the Big Team Battle mode. Presently, the two are finally rejoined, as numerous players believe they should be.

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