Metal Gear Solid 5 Investigation Uncovers Impossible Mission

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    Dataminers and hackers of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain have exposed a popular fan hypothesis surrounding nuclear disarmament in the game, seemingly proving it’s an impossible mission. The 2015 stealth and action game has a wealth of dedicated and detail-situated fans, and its durable popularity is confirmed through fan art, theories, and ongoing initiatives from Konami, including a Metal Gear Solid 5 prosthetic arm.

    This popularity persists in spite of MGS 5’s controversies, which revolve around the fraught relationship between computer game giant (and current Metal Gear rights-holder), Konami, and series creator Hideo Kojima. Kojima, who was once Konami’s Vice President, left the company in 2015, with most accounts reporting a split between the visionary games designer and the colossal video gaming corporation. The timing of this departure, combined with the release of the ineffectively received Metal Gear Survive, have persuaded many to think that Metal Gear Solid 5 was released in a somewhat unfinished or compromised state. Still, the game lives on thanks to a dedicated Metal Gear Solid 5 modding local area and lots of online discussion.

    YouTube channel DidYouKnowGaming recently covered a piece of cut content from Metal Gear Solid 5, exploring whether nuclear disarmament is possible in-game, and what doing so could open. A cut third chapter of the game is referenced in the Metal Gear Solid 5 game files, and players from the gathering The Anti-Nuke Gang believed that this chapter can be triggered by disarming nuclear weapons – an act that is also referenced in the game’s files. The Anti-Nuke Gang actually figured out how to reduce the total nuclear weapons count to nothing, however this was achieved solely after hacking the game. No third chapter was triggered, and obviously these nukes cannot be disarmed through any organic gameplay approaches, essentially making the mission impossible.

    Kojima’s notorious franchise is no stranger to cut content, with Kojima recently revealing that the first Metal Gear Solid almost had rat companions as a mechanic. Still, the idea of this cut substance from Metal Gear Solid 5 may sting somewhat more for many fans, as it crushes any remaining expectation that there is a satisfying, Kojima-approved conclusion to the game’s story. Kojima has been outspoken with regards to his views on nuclear weapons, previously stating that disarmament was meant to be the topic of Metal Gear Solid 5, so it’s entirely possible that the game’s original climax was associated with this secret mission.

    While it’s disappointing that this rumored MGS 5 third chapter can’t be accessed via the nuclear disarmament mission, it’s a testament to how complex the 2015 game is that players are still uncovering its secrets almost seven years later. Who knows, maybe significantly more cut content from Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain will see the light someday.

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