Minecraft's Endermen Create A Chaotic Mosaic In April Fool's Snapshot

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    The new Minecraft April Fool’s snapshot lets Endermen spawn carrying any square, allowing the elusive creatures to transform The End into a vibrant landscape of variety. Mojang’s survival sandbox title launched back in 2009, yet the designer continues to support the game through regular updates and expansions. This year’s Minecraft April Fools update humorously altered the rules of the game, yet one unusual change was actually kept secret.

    While Minecraft has gotten a lot of actual updates throughout the long term, the title’s most ongoing snapshot is instead an offhanded celebration of April Fool’s Day 2022. The form, alluded to as the “Each Block In turn” snapshot, strips away many of the survival simulator’s quality-of-life features to bring things back to basics. Minecraft’s experience-based progression system and item enchantment mechanics, which were added relatively late in the game’s life, are totally taken out. Nonetheless, the April Fool’s update also takes away the game’s center inventory system, which renders the title virtually unplayable. While many players find humor in things like a Minecraft frog Multishot enchantment, Mojang has now had fun at the fans’ expense.

    While the April Fool’s update made many bizarre changes to Minecraft, Reddit user Minerdomera as of late discovered another unlisted change concealed in the snapshot. The game’s unsettling Endermen can typically be found carrying around blocks, yet in the peculiar new snapshot they can spawn carrying any square. This means that blocks of various materials and colors will be randomly placed around a player’s the world, with the bleak dimension of The End slowly transforming into a garishly beautiful mosaic. The joke’s on the Enderdragon, in this case.











    Mojang had a lot of fun with the Minecraft playerbase on April Fool’s Day, and many different developers celebrated in equally bizarre ways. An Among Us April Fool’s joke, for example, saw the introduction of Horse Mode as an extensive and hilarious reference to a joke from April Fool’s Day 2021. The exclusive mode, available for one day in particular, allowed players to take control of four-legged Horsemates instead of the adored title’s typical crewmates. While the traditional Among Us social derivation gameplay went immaculate, the occasion was an amazing throwback to an amusing April Fool’s gag from last year.

    April Fool’s Day is a celebration of silliness and humor, and Mojang’s Minecraft snapshot managed to convey both. While removing the game’s inventory was a bizarre decision, letting Endermen create beautiful works of art was another surprising twist to the typical survival sandbox experience. While this Ender Art is just possible in the April Fool’s snapshot, it demonstrates the innate beauty of the terrifyingly fierce Minecraft monster.

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