Naughty Dog Leak Reveals The Last of Us Multiplayer, Sequel Plans

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    A leak has uncovered new details on the impending The Last of Us multiplayer game as well the series’ next sequel. It’s been almost two years since The Last of Us Part 2 was released engineer Naughty Dog still hasn’t sent off the multiplayer mode it at first promised for the game. While the studio has since declared that the supposed multiplayer mode has advanced into a standalone multiplayer spin-off, fans are still observing remnants of The Last of Us 2’s multiplayer in the game’s files.

    While The Last of Us 2 sent off without a multiplayer mode, its predecessor’s Factions multiplayer mode was somewhat well known. Factions lets players choose between two factions and afterward partake in several match types to gather points either to redesign their own weapons and defensive layer or to change over into supplies for their respective group toward the finish of each match. Fans of the game mode most probable trusted that it would return in The Last of Us 2 however that wound up not being the situation.

    In a series of Tweets, Oops Leaks claims that Naughty Dog was intending to make a The Last of Us fight royale game yet ultimately rebooted it for something that is supposedly a mix of Escape from Tarkov and Ubisoft’s The Division, for certain elements being taken from The Last of Us’ Factions as well. The new online game will have a “single-player-like” experience, will be allowed to-play, and will come to the PlayStation 5 as a flagship live service title. It will supposedly be the first of ten live service games that are made arrangements for PlayStation. Oops Leaks also claims that the framework for The Last of Us Part 3’s script is prepared however Naughty Dog is right now busy chipping away at other projects, including the aforementioned The Last of Us online game and a shiny new IP that is said to be a single-player fantasy game.

    While Oops Leaks guesses that the new spin-off will be declared this year with a 2023 release date, another report claims that TLOU’s multiplayer game will be coming in 2022 alongside the forthcoming redo of The Last of Us. It’s also possible that the spin-off will somewhat concur with the release of the forthcoming TV series, which is slated to start airing next year.

    A The Last of Us multiplayer spin-off that combines elements from Escape from Tarkov and The Division seems like a very smart thought and fits the story of the series pretty well. Assuming the leak proves to be valid, fans will have something interesting to anticipate either this year or the next while they hang tight for the series’ next significant installment.

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