Outriders Worldslayer Reveal Shows New Campaign and Endgame Content

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    Outriders Worldslayer is a new DLC expansion from developer People Can Fly and publisher Square Enix, bringing a totally different campaign, revamped endgame content, and more to the third-person helpful thief shooter. Set to release on June 30, 2022, Worldslayer is designed to draw in both new and returning Outriders players, with a continuation of the base game’s story and new person progression features.

    Outriders initially launched just more than a year prior toward the beginning of April 2021. It garnered positive consideration from an announcement that there would be no microtransactions, as well as subsequent news that Outriders would be accessible day one on Xbox Game Pass. Recently last year, the Outriders developer hadn’t made a benefit, despite the game’s successful launch on Microsoft’s subscription service. Regardless, support for the game continued, with an initial tease for Worldslayer coming alongside an announcement for the New Horizon update which, among other additions, already expanded the endgame content when it launched in November 2021.
    The Outriders Worldslayer reveal, which can be found on the authority Outriders YouTube channel, gives prospective players an idea of what’s in store from the expansion’s new campaign and endgame. Worldslayer will take green and experienced Outriders the same to the farthest reaches of the planet Enoch yet seen, where blizzards have ravaged altogether new zones to investigate in the campaign.

    Worldslayer’s story pits players against Ereshkigal, one of the original and most dangerous Altered on Enoch.Another main fascination comes after players have finished the new leg of the story, where People Can Fly has based on Outriders’ expanded endgame from New Horizon with “The Trial of Tarya Gratar”, where the best plunder can be earned. Details are presently scarce on the fresh endgame content, yet more will be revealed soon.











    Further person progression will also be possible with the release of Worldslayer, with current person levels continuing into new Ascension Levels and the addition of the PAX tree. Ascension Levels are designed to give players longterm progression, gradually increasing person prowess. Progression through the PAX tree is tied to Worldslayer content, and will essentially concede players a sub-class to broaden their personality’s capabilities. This new echelon of progression is supported by a plenty of new plunder and a new Apocalypse Tier difficulty, which has replaced the original Challenge Tiers, and will scale with the base Outriders content.

    Worldslayer’s release might tempt some of Outriders’ 3.5 million extraordinary first month players to return with the digital upgrade, however People Can Fly has also made it easy for newcomers to bounce in. A purchase of Outriders Worldslayer includes the entirety of the base game content, and a discretionary boost to even out 30 will even allow players to start with the new content instead. The inclusion of the aforementioned Apocalypse Tiers will ensure the game is compelling in any event, when played messed up, since encounters will scale to the player’s ongoing level. Further details on the new “Preliminary of Tarya Gratar” will probably influence whether or not veteran players purchase Outriders Worldslayer, yet it’s admirable to see the game continue with its philosophy of just releasing completed content packages, rather than drip feeding seasonal content.

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