Resident Evil Re:Verse Gets New Rating, Sparking Release Date Hopes

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    A new PEGI rating for Resident Evil Re:Verse on Google Stadia has sparked hopes that Capcom may soon begin sharing more details about its release. Capcom reported Re:Verse as a multiplayer part for Resident Evil Village months in front of the main game’s May 2021 send off. While the publisher hosted numerous beta phases, the PvP mode wound up postponed beyond RE Village’s release window. Barely any details about the online suite have surfaced in the 12 months since its indefinite postponement.

    Resident Evil Re:Verse boasts a sufficiently interesting premise. Considering that it was originally intended to show up during the franchise’s 25th anniversary, Re:Verse constitutes a deathmatch mode featuring several notable heroes and villains, including the likes of Leon Kennedy, Jill Valentine, Nemesis, and Albert Wesker. The PvP mode tasks players with scouring the climate for virus capsules that open special bonuses. Whenever a user succumbs to their injuries and dies, the player character resurrects as a bioweapon whose personality is contingent on the number of samples gathered during the match. Intriguing ongoing interaction circle aside, the experience suffered from more than a fair couple of hiccups that Resident Evil Re:Verse’s postponement to 2022 has ideally resolved.

    As spotted by Gematsu, the European rating board PEGI recently updated its Resident Evil Re:Verse page with a new listing for the Google Stadia. The listings for the game’s PC, PS4, and Xbox One versions were added in May 2021. Unsurprisingly, the latest update has many wondering assuming Re:Verse will soon see the illumination of day after an extended absence from the spotlight. Capcom itself has yet to so much as hint at the multiplayer suite’s return, notwithstanding.

    While Resident Evil Re:Verse’s updated PEGI rating suggests that Capcom still has plans for the multiplayer experience, fans might need to hold their expectations in line until further notice. At any rate, however, the publisher previously reassured Resident Evil Village owners that Re:Verse will send off as a freebie upon its possible release in 2022.

    This doesn’t consider Capcom’s first effort to cash in on a Resident Evil-marked online suite. The RE3 remake, which hit store shelves in mid 2020, sent off with an asymmetrical multiplayer part known as Resistance. It, too, bore an intriguing premise wherein a small gathering of survivors were tasked with outlasting the snare making slyness of a solitary player referred to as the Mastermind. On the off chance that Re:Verse does see the radiance of day, here’s to hoping it fares better than its predecessor in terms of user investment.

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