Super Mario Comes To Sonic Generations In New Mod

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    There are not many gaming rivalries as famous as the one between Sonic The Hedgehog and Super Mario, and a new Sonic Generations mod has transported Nintendo’s resident mushroom-powered handyman into the Blue Blur’s reality. All the more specifically, this mod puts Mario in the starring job of 2011’s Sonic Generations, which was released as a celebration of the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise’s 20th anniversary. As such, the game’s storyline had the modern-day, 3D Sonic join forces with his more established self from his 2D Genesis-era heyday as the two hedgehogs raced through remastered versions of levels from virtually every mainline Sonic game.

    Indeed, even two decades after its initial release on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Sonic Generations still has a dedicated modding community, with fans tweaking the Blue Blur’s timeline-crossing platforming adventure in a variety of various and amusing ways throughout the long term. Some of these Sonic Generations mods have granted Sonic control of a whole army of clone hedgehogs with which to challenge the underhanded Dr. Eggman, while others have added a dizzying first-person perspective on SEGA’s hypersonic mascot as he spins and dashes across landscapes like Green Hill Zone and the dreaded Chemical Plant. Another particularly significant Sonic Generations mod is Unleashed Project, a makeshift PC port of 2008’s Sonic Unleashed that recreates the daytime levels of that particular Sonic passage within Sonic Generations’ game engine.

    Meanwhile, modder and Twitter user Skyth as of late showed off their own Sonic Generations mod (via Game Rant), which replaces the Blue Blur with his 90’s platforming rival Mario – particularly the version of him from the classic 1996 hit Super Mario 64. Skyth’s mod is far something beyond a simple re-skin of Sonic’s character model too, as Mario brings all of his animations, development physics, and special abilities with him as he runs through Sonic Generations’ many nostalgic locations. Adequately sure, Mario can be seen wall-jumping, punching, kicking, and in any event, flying his way through levels, complete with a couple of Mario voice actor Charles Martinet’s notorious “yahoos” tossed in for great measure.

    Sonic as of late hit another anniversary milestone last year, and while there weren’t any major event releases to celebrate the Blue Blur’s 30th birthday, SEGA is as of now working on a new section in the upcoming Sonic Frontiers. Interestingly, this new Sonic seems to get some gameplay elements from Mario’s most late platforming adventure, as the Sonic Frontiers trailer sees Sonic running through a bright open world similar to the one featured in 2017’s Super Mario Odyssey. As for Mario, Nintendo hasn’t announced a new mainline platformer for the legendary red-clad handyman yet, yet Mario Kart 8 as of late saw a wave of new DLC Booster Tracks – the first of many DLC expansions that will add 48 new courses to the successful Nintendo Switch kart racer.

    The Sonic The Hedgehog and Super Mario franchises may seem similar on the surface, yet their gameplay and approach to brilliant heroes navigating through fantasy worlds are incredibly unique – making Skythe’s Mario-driven Sonic Generations mod all the really interesting. Perhaps someone could add Sonic to a new Mario game like Super Mario Odyssey someday, to see in the event that Sonic adapts to the Mushroom Kingdom as well as Mario has to the Blue Blur’s faster-paced universe.

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