World of Warcraft Expansion Dragonflight Leaks Early

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    Blizzard Entertainment’s official website inadvertently outed the title of World of Warcraft’s next expansion, Dragonflight, which the publisher plans to reveal in full later this month. Barring 2021’s Burning Crusades Classic, the 2020 release of Shadowlands constitutes World of Warcraft’s last major expansion. The first year of Shadowlands didn’t instill a lot of trust in long-term fans, many of whom felt setback by various delays and disappointing updates that seemingly pointed to a lack of direction.

    Shadowlands’ arrival initially reinvigorated interest in the involvement with many respects; notwithstanding, the high of new happy drops failed to last extremely lengthy. Recently added features such as the Covenant partitioned the local area, extended droughts between updates encouraged in excess of a fair couple of players to step away, and abuse allegations against Activision Blizzard left countless World of Warcraft faithful reeling. A mass exodus from WoW ultimately culminated in Final Fantasy XIV receiving an incredible player count boost, too. Be that as it may, Blizzard’s forthcoming announcement of an all-new World of Warcraft expansion could be what the MMO needs to regain some of its footing.

    Source code on Blizzard’s official World of Warcraft website (via Wowhead) suggests the following expansion will bear the title of Dragonflight. The code in question makes notice of pre-purchase options for Dragonflight Base, Heroic, and Epic editions, none of which Blizzard has formally revealed. References to a presently inactive URL – – were also found, further hinting at what could come next for the long-running MMO. This all aligns with Wowhead’s datamined findings from earlier in the year, wherein the website stumbled across encoded items attached to a Green Dragon mount, pet, and dragon-driven spell effects. The website speculates that such extras may serve as bonus rewards for Dragonflight’s unannounced Deluxe Edition.

    Blizzard Entertainment plans to showcase the following World of Warcraft expansion in just several weeks on Tuesday, April 19. However all of the above information should be taken with a grain of salt, the leaked details indicate that WoW fans shouldn’t be surprised assuming talk of dragons takes the focal point of the audience during the reveal.

    Details about the supposed Dragonflight expansion isn’t all Blizzard has at its disposal, either. In May, the publisher will begin unveiling specifics about its newest Warcraft-branded versatile experience. At the hour of writing, what the substance will entail remains a mystery. It’s been years in the making, however, so the rapidly decreasing wait time is no question music to the ears of many.

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