New Pokémon Sun & Moon Trailer Shows Version Exclusive Pokémon

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Nintendo tweeted a new video featuring a preview of the exclusive Pokémon found in Pokemon Sun and  Pokemon Moon for the Nintendo 3DS. The new version exclusive trailer is slightly over the 3 minute mark, and provides details on the different Pokemon found in the upcoming release of both Pokemon Sun & Moon.

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Pokemon Sun
Release Date :  11/18/2016
Genre :  Role Playing
Publisher : Nintendo
System : Nintendo 3DS
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This video comes on the heels of another piece of Pokemon news featuring an interview with the CEO of the Pokemon Company and the Wall Street Journal. In the interview the CEO confirmed that the Pokemon Company will be making games for the Nintendo NX. The sudden rise in mainstream popularity for the franchise is making Pokemon Nintendo’s current PR project. There’s a good chance we’ll see many Pokemon centric games releasing on the NX over the next several years. Check out the video below.



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