MiiTopia Nintendo Direct Reveals New Game Details & Trailer

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Yesterday Nintendo held a Nintendo Direct in Japan for MiiTopia. Following the Japanese Nintendo Direct Nintendo published a trailer for MiiTopia along with updates to their main website. The game has a release date set for December 8th, 2016. There is still no word on any plans of releasing this unique relationship RPG hybrid in North America.


What is MiiTopia?

The Demon Lord has stolen people’s faces and you and friends have to defeat monsters, gain experience and take back the faces of the people of MiiTopia. MiiTopia is a turned based RPG that centers around your 3DS Mii. Similar to other life simulators and friendship games, MiiTopia holds plenty of promise in delivering a fresh unique experience. For instance, you can take on adventures with friends, in traditional JRPG style. You can choose from many different classes and jobs. For example, MiiTopia has traditional RPG classes like a priest, mage and fighter classes.

One of the main focuses of MiiTopia is building relationships with the different Mii’s in your party. Miis can get mad at each other, get into fights and fall in love with each other along with other characteristic emotions. Translated by Twitter user Kubuskwal MiiTopia will allow the user to choose from 7 different personalities :  Kind, Energetic, Dopey, Stubborn, Carefree, Cautious and Cool.




MiiTopia Direct Video & MiiTopia Trailer

We’re still waiting on a North American release date. Hopefully if enough interest is shown by the community Nintendo of America will decide to release it here. Watch the trailer and MiiTopia Direct below and let us know what you think.


Visit the Official Nintendo MiiTopia Website : https://www.nintendo.co.jp/3ds/adqj/story/index.html

Follow Kubuskwal on Twitter : https://twitter.com/kubuskwal

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