New Nintendo 2DS XL Purple/Silver Version Available Now

New Nintendo 2DS XL Purple Silver Available Now

Nintendo has done a fairly decent job at keeping its aging 3D portable fresh in its later years. Along with a variety of new game releases and continued support all the way through 2019 the 3DS family of systems is still a viable option for gamers on the go! The New Nintendo 2DS XL is now available in a purple/silver color combination (see screenshot preview below). The new purple system also includes a copy of Mario Kart 7 pre-installed. This is a 2D version of the 3DS system – perfect for younger gamers. The cost for the purple/silver 2DS XL comes to $149.99 and is available at the following retailers: Amazon, Best Buy and GameStop.


Nintendo 2DS XL Purple/Silver Color

About the New Nintendo 2DS XL Purple/Silver Bundle:

The New Nintendo 2DS XL systems are designed around the original 3DS clam-shell build (instead of the original 2DS flat/tablet style). The New Nintendo 2DS XL includes additional memory and processing speed compared to the original non-3D 2DS. Along with additional horsepower, the New Nintendo 2DS XL also includes amiibo support and the ability to play all 3DS games in standard 2D. This is Nintendo’s recommendation for parents looking for an entry level gaming device for younger children.


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