Pokemon Go Gives 3DS Nice Sales Bump in July Video Game Charts


The month of July saw a huge rise in 3DS software sales, as seen on VGChartz.com. The popularity of Pokemon Go along with the release of Yokai Watch 3 in Japan won Nintendo top positions in the monthly video game charts. Although our video game sales charts are a little late we now have a good idea what the sales figures are for the month of July. One interesting thing about the numbers below are the renewed sales figures for Pokemon X & Y. Pokemon X & Y released in 2013, but have managed to earn top spots in July’s sales figures. This is most likely because of Pokemon Go, which has created a nice bump in 3DS hardware sales due to people picking up a 3DS after having a good experience with the Pokemon Go app (isn’t capitalism nice!). The best selling game in July was Yokai Watch 3, which only released in Japan so far. Monster Hunter Generations had it’s world release in July and managed to sell about 344,000 units, this number does not include digital sales.  Overall Nintendo claimed the top four best selling games in July, thanks in-part to the popularity of Pokemon Go. See the sales charts below.

Title Name: Sales Week 4 Sales Week 3 Sales Week 2 Sales Week 1 Monthly Total
Yokai Watch 3 96970 161060 628679 N/A 886709
Monster Hunter Generations 56564 79555 208529 NA 344648
Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire 131898 101141 34864 28116 296019
Pokemon X/Y (Release Oct 12, 2013) 77919 67071 26018 19837 190845
Puzzle & Dragons X: God Chapter / Dragon Chapter 90471 N/A N/A N/A 90471
The Idolmasters: Platinum Stars 75048 N/A N/A N/A 75048

Source : Vgchartz.com

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