Tetris Axis Review Nintendo 3DS

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This is our review for Nintendo’s latest take on Tetris, which offers an impressive amount of content that shouldn’t be skipped thanks to the low $29.99 price point!

Back when I bought Tetris DS I was amazed at the clear and nostalgic presentation that played before me. Everything from the menu design to the music seemed perfect for a Tetris game. Nintendo did a fine job with Tetris DS which gave me some confidence in Tetris Axis for the 3DS. But I was a little worried that Nintendo would find trumping Tetris DS to difficult. Nintendo proved it’s worth like always. I’ve played the game in all it’s modes and have to say that most reviews online are over critical and bias. Tetris Axis is full of content, game modes, options and features that make it one of the most feature rich titles to grace any mobile device on the market today. Everything from an online multiplayer mode to a separate selection of Tetris AR games makes Tetris Axis a must have game for any puzzle fan. Tetris Axis should be weighed on a separate scale because it’s a puzzle game. Other reviews criticize the 3D affect of Tetris Axis. With a puzzle game like Tetris you shouldn’t expect to see an amazing display of 3D power. It’s a puzzle game built around a flat 2D grid. What you can expect is an endless amount of replay value from the best puzzle game on the 3DS.

Tetris Axis Nintendo 3DS Screenshot Preview A

The graphics in Tetris Axis are never that impressive. Tetris Axis follows a consistent graphical style and quality that carries throughout the game. Backgrounds and blocks are crystal clear and shiny. Backgrounds give Tetris Axis the most graphical punch when talking graphics. Backgrounds will start in a default state, often a lifeless or dormant setting. For instance one of the backgrounds hovers over a city avenue with a massive skyscraper sitting left on the screen. As the player scores points lights within the skyscraper will turn on floor by floor. It becomes very beautiful when reaching a very high score because of other affects going on within the background. Tetris Axis doesn’t showcase the best 3D on the 3DS. The sense of depth seems shallow and even with backgrounds doesn’t seem to have the depth that other 3DS games have. But this isn’t a major problem because other than that the graphics in Tetris Axis look good. Nintendo did a good job with making Tetris Axis an explosive show of fun in other ways. The menu’s stand out because options and choices are made out of colorful cubes that make even the first steps into the game nice.

Buyer beware the AR features of Tetris Axis are nothing more than a novelty, the reason being their poor gameplay mechanics. Tetris Axis does nothing wrong with the classical Tetris formula. Our one complaint is with the controls for some of the other new modes introduced in Tetris Axis. The AR feature sounds cool, but becomes tiring very quickly. There are only a few bad apples in within all the different Tetris Axis modes, so don’t let this prevent you from picking this game up.
Tetris Axis Nintendo 3DS Screenshot Preview C
Sound & Music
Tetris Axis contains the best front-menu music out of any game released in a long time. The tune reminds me of Crash Bandicoot for the PlayStation. Music in Tetris Axis consists of classical pieces and traditional Tetris beats which have lasted for decades now. Overall Tetris Axis scores very high in both sound and music.

Single Player
Tetris Axis is packed with replay value, and offers a large selection of traditional/original play modes. Nothing new stands in comparison to the older formulas like Marathon and Fever. One mode, Computer Battle pits players against Bomberman Characters. This seems a little strange, considering Nintendo’s own collection of iconic characters. Maybe it has something to do with the recent closing of Hudson, giving the talented company a final nod. It is important to note that Tetris DS was styled heavily with Nintendo characters and franchises. The single player modes in Tetris Axis are in-line with most Tetris games releasing these days. Many modern features are also streamlined into the game. Statistics for instance are recorded, everything from a Player’s Personal Records, online world ranking and multiplayer data is saved.

Tetris Axis Nintendo 3DS Screenshot Preview B

Tetris Axis has an impressive multiplayer side. Both online and offline modes are supported, and utilize the 3DS Mii feature. Offline players can play with up to seven others with only one Tetris Axis game. Online players will be assigned a default 5000 points, similar to other Nintendo 1st party games like Mario Kart Wii or Tetris Party on WiiWare. Overall it’s fun and addictive. Online matches feel more personal since their linked to your 3DS Mii profile. With Matches having up to 8 players there tends to be a variety of skill levels present in every game. This isn’t a bad thing, but can cause a quicker rotation of players leaving and joining a match. Nintendo missed an opportunity to introduce or establish a rival friend request system with Tetris Axis, which is very disappointing. Players will have to have friends pre-registered through their 3DS’s Friends List or manually input them through the Tetris Axis interface. Regardless Tetris Axis hosts a speedy online experience, which is very addictive and fun to play.

Tetris Axis is a fine title for evey 3DS collection
Tetris is fun anytime of the day, that’s what makes Tetris Axis such a necessary game for every 3DS owner. The Nintendo touch can be seen in every nook of the game. Everything from the menus to the music is well planned through and charming. Tetris Axis is a complete package that doesn’t get old. Offering a compelling online mode and standard single player gives Tetris Axis enough reason to become the must have puzzle title on the 3DS. To make things better Tetris Axis is also a cheaper 3DS game, selling at a suggest MSRP price of $29.99.

Tetris Axis Review Score

  • Gameplay – 9.0 / 10.0
  • Sound – 8.5 / 10.0
  • Multiplayer – 8.0 / 10.0
  • Replay Value – 9.0 / 10.0
  • Overall – 8.6

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