Here's My Nintendo Switch VR Wishlist

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    Had to create a new account, but I’m back! Wanted to share my Nintendo Switch VR Wishlist. I’m aware that many of the items on these lists are probally a little far fetched or unlikely to happen. My Switch VR dream list is broken into “Nintendo Switch VR Hardware” and “Nintendo Switch VR Games” :

    Nintendo Switch VR Hardware Wishlist

    • Surround Sound
    • 3D Display (Similar to 3DS)
    • Screen Damper That Reduces Eye Strain (Pointing at you PlayStation VR!)
    • Built-in Recording Firmware that Game Devs Can Use
    • Ability to Cross-Platform Play With Other VR Platforms
    • Outside 360-Degress Camera (Provide Player with Optional View of Real World Surroundings on the Fly – Like a Rear View Mirror 🙂
    • Built-In Options Overlay That Gives Pin-Point Precise Toggles for Gyro, Motion and Other Nintendo Switch VR Sensitives & Inputs

    I’m going to keep my top Switch VR Games Limited to 5.

    Nintendo Switch VR Game(s) Wishlist

    • Metroid Prime VR
    • Super Mario VR
    • F-Zero VR
    • Splatoon VR
    • Call of Duty VR

    What do you guys think? Share your expectations for Nintendo Switch VR!

    Greg Davies

    Not sure what else to add, but Metroid VR sounds interesting. Nice list!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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