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    Had to create a new account, but I’m back! Wanted to share my Nintendo Switch VR Wishlist. I’m aware that many of the items on these lists are probally a little far fetched or unlikely to happen. My Switch VR dream list is broken into “Nintendo Switch VR Hardware” and “Nintendo Switch VR Games” :

    Nintendo Switch VR Hardware Wishlist

    • Surround Sound
    • 3D Display (Similar to 3DS)
    • Screen Damper That Reduces Eye Strain (Pointing at you PlayStation VR!)
    • Built-in Recording Firmware that Game Devs Can Use
    • Ability to Cross-Platform Play With Other VR Platforms
    • Outside 360-Degress Camera (Provide Player with Optional View of Real World Surroundings on the Fly – Like a Rear View Mirror 🙂
    • Built-In Options Overlay That Gives Pin-Point Precise Toggles for Gyro, Motion and Other Nintendo Switch VR Sensitives & Inputs

    I’m going to keep my top Switch VR Games Limited to 5.

    Nintendo Switch VR Game(s) Wishlist

    • Metroid Prime VR
    • Super Mario VR
    • F-Zero VR
    • Splatoon VR
    • Call of Duty VR

    What do you guys think? Share your expectations for Nintendo Switch VR!



    Not sure what else to add, but Metroid VR sounds interesting. Nice list!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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