3DS Yo-kai Watch Jibanyan Theme Available On My Nintendo Now

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Nintendo is offering a Yo-kai Watch Jibanyan 3DS theme today through the My Nintendo rewards program. The special theme is only available through My Nintendo, and features a colorful Jibanyan background and original music. This 3DS theme comes out right before the actual release date for Yo-kai Watch 2, which is scheduled to release on 9/30/2016.

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Yo-Kai Watch 2: Fleshy Souls
Release Date :  09/30/2016
Genre :  Role-Playing
Publisher : Nintendo
System : Nintendo 3DS
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What is My Nintendo?

My Nintendo is a Nintendo Account service that connects your Nintendo experiences across multiple touchpoints, from gaming systems to computers and smartphones.

Once you’ve created your Nintendo Account, you’ll earn points by playing apps on your smart devices or buying digital games for your Wii U™ or Nintendo 3DS™ systems.

Source : nintendo.com/my-nintendo

Be sure to check out the free demo of the new YO-KAI WATCH™ 2: Bony Spirts and YO-KAI WATCH™ 2: Fleshy Souls games, available for download now in the Nintendo eShop.

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