Cars 3 Driven To Win Nintendo Switch & Wii U Release Date

Cars 3 Title Banner

The upcoming Disney/Pixar film Cars 3: Driven to Win is heading to consoles, including the Wii U and Nintendo Switch. Both the Switch and Wii U have a release date set for Cars 3: Driven to Win. Both versions of the game will release on June 13th, 2017. Along with the release date info, box art for both versions we’re also provided- see below. It’s amazing that more of the media isn’t talking about the fact that the Wii U version is still coming out. After the Nintendo Switch released many publishers started scraping different Wii U projects. While Cars 3 may not be considered a true racing game, it still provides both consoles with some much needed car driving fun. The game still has about a month before releasing. Until then you can pre-order the game below using one of our Amazon listings below.



What to expect from the Cars 3 video game coming to Switch & Wii U

  • 6 Different Game Modes
  • Fast racing and different stunts
  • Power-ups make racing more interesting
  • Different playable characters from the Cars 3 movie
  • Multiplayer available (local confirmed, unknown online)

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