Deal Alert: Mystery T-Shirt Pack & 2017 Tour Bundle Symphony of the Goddess

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The people behind the Symphony of the Goddess orchestra tours are running new specials on their Zelda Symphony website. The latest specials cover the Mystery Tee Pack and the 2017 Tour Bundle. The Mystery Tee Pack usually sells for $70, but you can now get it for $30. The Mystery Tee Pack includes one exclusive 2017 Tour shirt along with a randomly selected Zelda shirt along with a 2017 Tour Program. The 2017 Tour Bundle is available for $40, and includes one Circle of Link T-Shirt a 2017 Tour Poster and a 2017 Tour Program.


Mystery Tee Pack: $30

2017 Tour Bundle
: $40

The Symphony of the Goddess orchestra tour has been traveling the world for a while now. They offer new / exclusive Zelda collectables and merchandise freqently. For instance, the Zelda Symphony website had a Zelda Wind Waker Baton last year, which sadly is already sold-out. Check out the symphony’s 2018 tour here.


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