New Wave Race Trademark Registered by Nintendo in Europe


Today a trademark registration for “Wave Race” was spotted on the European Union Intellectual Property website. The Wave Race trademark was registered by Nintendo, and is being classified as a Word trademark – meaning Nintendo is registering to trademark the phrase Wave Race. This doesn’t necessarily mean that a new Wave Race game is in development. Nintendo could be simply protecting its intellectual property. Wave Race has seen several installments over the years, Wave Race (Game Boy), Wave Race 64 and the Gamecube version – Wave Race: Blue Storm. Nintendo may be planning something with the franchise, which has been missing in action for over 10 years. Wave Race 64 has seen been re-released as a Wii Virtual Console game, but fans of the series haven’t been treated with anything new for a longtime. Maybe Nintendo is planning on developing  a new Wave Race for the Switch. See a screenshot of the Wave Race Europe trademark below.





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