Nintendo Agrees to a Real Cow Milking Challenge

Billings Farm Museum & Nintendo 1-2-Switch Milking Challenge

The Billing Farm & Museum has challenged Nintendo to a milking contest. Reacting to the milking game  in Nintendo’s 1-2-Switch a spokesperson for the Billing Farm & Museum challenged the popular video game giant to a milking contest.

So Nintendo has a new game out called 1-2-Switch and we noticed it includes a cow milking game. We sent them a message inviting them out to our farm to show them how it’s REALLY done and to school them at their own game. Haven’t heard back yet.

Maybe they’re too afraid of a little challenge…

The story doesn’t end there. Polygon reached out to Nintendo of America to see if they planned on responding to the challenge. To everyone’s surprise Nintendo has already booked flights for the event, and according to the fun dialogue exchange between Nintendo & The Billing Farm & Museum- Nintendo claims they’ll be ready.


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