Nintendo Trademark Spotted for Eternal Darkness (Maybe for Switch)

eternal darkness

Nintendo of America submitted a new trademark request for Eternal Darkness on 12/20/2016. The trademark filing was spotted only recently, but has some Nintendo fans wondering if the game is being ported over to the Nintendo Switch. Many rumors around the internet are claiming that the Switch will have a Gamecube Virtual Console service. If so, Eternal Darkness would be a welcomed exclusive. The spotted trademark doesn’t specify if it’s for a digital download release, or if it’s for an updated/HD remake. We’ll just have to wait on the Nintendo Switch January Presentation next week.


Trademark Service Mark Application for Eternal Darkness Spotted 12-20-16


The identification portion of the trademark submission only states the following – Downloadable electronic game programs; downloadable electronic game software; electronic game programs; electronic game software; video game programs; video game software. So no word on a physical retail release but there’s always a chance.

Originally released on the Gamecube, Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem is a psychological action horror game published by Nintendo and developed by Silicon Knights. There’s no word yet if Nintendo is planning on re-releasing Eternal Darkness or if the company is just protecting it’s intellectual properties.



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