Nintendo Creators Program Ending Next Month (December 2018)

Nintendo Ending the Nintendo Creators Program

Nintendo announced that the Nintendo Creators Program (NCP) will be coming to an end next month (December 2018). The unpopular program was seen by many as an attempt by Nintendo to control and monetize fan created content (videos, pictures etc). Fans will no longer have to submit their videos to the NCP website, though Nintendo is asking all creators to follow its content guidelines. Nintendo will also be closing the Nintendo Creators Program website on March 20th, 2019.

The NCP has always remained controversial among Nintendo fans. Seen as an attempt to control and profit off of fan-made Nintendo videos, many across the industry heavily criticized the video game giant for what many felt was an overreach. While it took Nintendo a few years it seems they’ve finally seen the light and are shuttering the program for good. With the amazing success of the Nintendo Switch now is a great time to end what should’ve never been. What are your thoughts? Did you have any videos pulled down by Nintendo, or did you lose all credit or receive a copyright infringement from YouTube? Let us know using the comments below!


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