Nintendo Gives NES Classic Edition Update & Details

Nes classic edition

You’ll only have to wait a little more than 1 month for the release of Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition. To help with the wait Nintendo teased the internet with a few more updates and details on the mini version of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Below we’ve included some common question and answers concerning the NES Classic Edition, including price, release date, save point details, different display modes and digital game manuals. You can also purchase the NES Classic Edition via Amazon using the supplied link on this page’s side bar.

Question : What’s The Price of the NES Classic Edition?

Answer : The suggested retail price is $59.99.


Question : How Many Games Does the NES Classic Edition Include?

Answer : The mini NES includes 30 classic games, see the whole list here.


Question : What Display Modes Are Available?

Answer : The NES Classic Edition supports 3 different display modes, including a CRT filter mode, another 4:3 display mode and a contemporary display mode which will probably be letter-boxed.


Question : Are There Any Game Manuals With The NES Classic Edition?

Answer : Nintendo announced that the NES Classic Edition will include digital manuals for each of it’s 30 different games. The manuals can be accessed by scanning an on-TV QR code, which will take you to an online version of the game’s digital manual.


Question : Do The Games Require Passwords For Saves?

Answer : No, but each game still features password screens if they did in their original form back in the 80’s / 90’s. Nintendo is including a suspend feature and suspend points for each game, allowing you to quickly jump back right where you left off in any of it’s 30 different NES games. 


Question : How Many Save Points Does The Classic NES Edition Support?

Answer : The mini NES allows up to four save points for each of it’s 30 games.


Question : Does the NES Classic Edition Support Multi-Player?

AnswerYes, the system includes 1 replica NES controller, and supports multiplayer via additional Wii or Wii U Classic Controller.


QuestionWhat is the Release Date for the NES Classic Edition?

AnswerNintendo has stated that the NES Classic Edition will release on November 11th, 2016.

For more information on the NES Classic Edition please visit Nintendo’s official webpage.


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