Nintendo Switch System Units Sold Reaches 4.7 Million

Nintendo Sales Figures Report Banner

Today Nintendo released a Consolidated Financial Highlights report, which revealed amazing sales figures for the Nintendo Switch. According to, the company saw net sales increase by 148.6 % year-over-years to 154.1 billion yen or about 1.3 billion. See the sales (units sold) figures below.

Nintendo writes up their sales report based on Sales Units in Ten Thousands. So the we’ll do the math below.

Life-to-date Sales Figures for Nintendo Switch

  • Japan : 1.12 Million Sold
  • North America : 1.95 Million Sold
  • Europe : 1.63 Million Units Sold
  • Total Units Sold : 4.7 Million


Nintendo Switch Units Sold

Nintendo Switch Software Sales

Nintendo also disclosed year-to-date sales figures for select Nintendo Switch games. Releasing in April, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has already sold 3.54 million units worldwide. The newest Nintendo IP, ARMS released in June, and has already sold 1.18 million units worldwide.

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