Gamecube Wiimote Prototype, Nunchuck & Sensor Bar Sold at Japanese Auction

A little piece of Nintendo history was sold on Yahoo Japan’s Auction page yesterday (Saturday 10/27/18). A prototype of the original Wiimote (remote), nunchuck and sensor bar sold for $660. The prototype accessories were originally planned to release for the Gamecube. Nintendo instead decided to center the unique controllers around a new original console that would be based on the Gamecube’s hardware & architecture. The project code-named “Revolution” would soon introduce the world to motion gameplay via Nintendo’s Wii video game console. The fact that some lucky fan boy/girl got their hands on these Gamecube prototype Wiimote/nunchuck/sensor bar is absolutely amazing!




As the photos show, the original Gamecube Wiimote connected to the Nunchuck via an Ethernet cable. The sensor bar connected to the Gamecube by using the console’s memory card port. The size of the sensor bar is 35 inches. The Wiimote prototype was designed to connect to the Gamecube via the system’s standard controller port. The requirement of having the motion controller prototype attached to a cord is strange – considering the chance of accidentally knocking the console down. The Gamecube Wiimote has the standard (a) & (b) buttons along with the D-Pad (which looks similar to the original DS D-Pad). The cord attached looks farily long – but its still probably for the best that Nintendo went cordless with the Wii’s version. The Wiimote’s (+) (Home)  (-) buttons are different on the Gamecube prototype – which uses (Select) (Home) (Start) instead. What do you think of the Gamecube Prototype Wiimote? Let us know using the comments below.

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