Super NES Classic Edition Passes 5.28 Million Units Sold

Super Nintendo Classic Edition

The Mini Super NES Passes 5-Million Sold!

Nintendo published its Financial Results for the fiscal year of 2018 which details a variety of sales charts for different regions. The Super NES Classic Edition has reached 5.28 million units sold worldwide. The Super NES Classic Edition released in September of last year. The SNES Classic Edition includes 20 classic SNES games including the unreleased Star Fox 2. The mini Super Nintendo quickly sold out – making the last quarter of last year one of the best in recent memory for the Japanese video game producer. Read a snippet from Nintendo’s Financial Results below.

(1) Operating results for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2018
The results for this fiscal year show a very positive trend in global hardware sales for Nintendo Switch, which sold a total of 15.05
million units during this fiscal year. On the software end, Super Mario Odyssey has been a major hit with audiences worldwide, and
sold 10.41 million units. This is in addition to 9.22 million units sold for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and 6.02 million units sold for Splatoon
2, bringing the total number of million-seller titles during this fiscal year to 12, including the titles of other software publishers. The
combined software sales results for this fiscal year reached 63.51 million units.
Nintendo 3DS hardware sales remained solid in each region even after the launch of Nintendo Switch, with sales during this fiscal
year reaching 6.40 million units. For the Nintendo 3DS software, Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon sold 7.51 million units,
while overall sales for this fiscal year totaled 35.64 million units.
Turning to our digital business for dedicated video game platforms, digital sales were very good, especially on Nintendo Switch,
which brought digital sales (see note) to a combined total of 60.8 billion yen (87% increase on a year-on-year basis).
Meanwhile, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System: Super NES Classic Edition proved to be a hit in every region, with sales
totaling 5.28 million units, and we grew amiibo sales compared to the previous fiscal year, with approximately 10.30 million figures
sold, while card sales hit approximately 5.80 million units.
In our smart-device business, we released Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp during this fiscal year to join Super Mario Run and Fire
Emblem Heroes, which have both been available since before the start of the fiscal year. These applications are being enjoyed by many
consumers globally. Our smart devices and IP related income was 39.3 billion yen (62% increase on a year-on-year basis).
In total, net sales reached 1,055.6 billion yen (of which overseas sales were 794.4 billion yen or 75.3% of the total sales). Operating
profit came to 177.5 billion yen. Ordinary profit was 199.3 billion yen, and profit attributable to owners of parent totaled 139.5 billion

Read the entire Nintendo Financial Results Fiscal Year Ending March 31st, 2018!

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