ARMS for Nintendo Switch Updated to Version 5.2, Adds Party Mode

ARMS Update 5.2

ARMS for the Nintendo Switch has just been updated to version 5.2, which brings new modes and a variety of fixes to the Switch fighting game. The latest update adds a new mode called Party Crash Mode – which can be selected in regular battles but not online battles. The 5.2 update fixes a variety of issues with fighters with super armor. The update also fixes a weird glitch where a noise would repeatedly play even after losing communication while Dr. Coyle has extra ARMS out. A list of fighters and ARMS that are adjusted with the latest update are listed below.


Version 5.2

Fighters / ArmsAdjustments
SpringtronSpecs improved thanks to a certain girl genius! Movement during a super charge has been greatly increased.
He’s a little heavier now, but that’s fine!
Movement speed for normal jumps has decreased.
Lola PopIncreased movement speed when jumping.
MisangoRush gauge now fills at a rate equal to other fighters during normal times.
Also made it somewhat less difficult for the rush gauge to fill when blue or red.
Byte & BarqWhen jumping while on top of Barq, fixed an issue where a shockwave could be seen emanating from Byte as well.
Fixed an issue where, under certain conditions, the switch on Barqs head would stay pushed in.
Dr. CoyleFixed an issue where, under certain conditions, extra ARMS would appear while firing ARMS.
NadeFixed issue where self-destruct could occur during rush.
BubbIncreased charge attack speed.
Increased rush attack speed.
Decreased time from drop until collection.
SkullyIncreased rush damage.
LokjawIncreased retraction speed.
ClapbackDecreased retraction speed.
Decreased time until automatic retraction after placement.
PopperDecreased extension speed.
Decreased retraction speed.
ChakramDecreased expansion rate for charge attacks.



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