The Best Nintendo NX Mock Ups So Far

device mock up

The internet is a busy place for Nintendo NX rumors. Many Nintendo fans have begun making interesting Nintendo NX mock ups on websites like NeoGAF and Reddit. We’ve compiled a collection of our favorite NX designs, some maybe more realistic than others. See our list of Nintendo NX mock ups below.

nx mock up

Uploaded by ZerrithDotCom via Reddit this Nintendo NX Mock Up features standard Nintendo controller buttons in the Wii U style. The Large screen and multiple joysticks are probable, but the graphics better be better than the current simulated image 🙂

controller mock up

These NX mock ups feature different controller colors, a very possible thing considering Nintendo’s love of special editions and special color bundles. These we’re also produced by Reddit user ZerrithDotCom.



This NX mock up has many similarities with modern smart phones, and was uploaded by NeoGAF user ChrisRo. This Nintendo NX Mock Up shows how Nintendo might engineer the NX to be within the same form factor as traditional smart phones. The button layouts would still provide comfortable gaming on the go, while providing precision control that touch screens have a hard time producing. We also love how the creator of this mock up followed through with Nintendo’s own patents, which describe a system with detachable controllers. A lot of work went into this NX mock up.

This Nintendo NX mock up was designed by NeoGaf User The Androgyne. Here the NX is imagined as a device that has the removable sides (used as controllers). Both sides have the ability to snap together, creating one circle shaped controller. The second variation is more square, and only relies on one part of the controller being removable.

The following are also Nintendo NX mock ups we found while searching the web. Credits follow from left to right : Unknown Designer (Left Mock Up), Leizt via NeogafFox_Mulder via Neogaf.


Nintendo NX Mock Up With Console & Controller

device mock up

This is a popular Nintendo NX console + controller mock up. As you can see the mock up shows the NX using discs, which are probably being replaced by cartridges. The most popular NX rumors claim that Nintendo is ditching discs for cartridges, making this console mock up vary unlikely.


Other Mock Ups Related to the Nintendo NX

The NX mock up on the left shows how Nintendo’s future console could connect to the TV, even though the NX looks a little strange on the left photo. The photo labels each variation as either indoors (mobile use) or indoor use. The NX mock up on the right looks clean and slick, but doesn’t showcase the detachable controller concept referenced in Nintendo’s patent documents.

Nintendo NX Cartridge Mock Ups (Just for fun)

Since all the rumors surrounding the Nintendo NX seem to suggest that the system will feature cartridges instead of discs we thought rounding up some mock ups would be interesting. Here’s what we found, and yes we know how cheap these look.

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