Data Miner Finds Nintendo Switch Fortnite & Paladins eShop Listings

Leaked eShop Listings for Nintendo Switch Fortnite & Paladins

Twitter user SciresM posted some interesting screenshots for a rumored Fortnite & Paladins release for the Nintendo Switch. SciresM first posted a screenshot of a listing for Fortnite found on the Switch’s eShop yesterday. A Fortnite eShop icon was also found and shared with the Twitter community later. Today SciresM shared new info on Paladins for the Switch. Using the same technique as his Fortnite discovery, SciresM was able to locate a listing for Paladins along with it’s eShop icon.


These latest leaks confirm additional rumors that Fortnite and Paladins are going to release on the Nintendo Switch. Six days ago a user on posted prints for Nintendo’s E3 2018 booths. The 4Chan leak showed a variety of games for the Switch, including Fortnite, Paladins and others like Overcooked 2. There’s no official announcement yet by Nintendo or the developers behind Fortnite or Paladins, we’ll have to wait until E3 to find out for sure!


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  1. Really hope Fortnite comes to the Switch. Having Fortnite on the go would be awesome!

  2. With Paladins confirmed it looks very plausible that Fortnite will be releasing on the Switch.

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