The Escapists 2 Releases on Nintendo Switch January 11th, 2018

The Escapists 2

Today Team17 announced the official release date for The Escapists 2 for the Nintendo Switch. The game will be available on the eShop January 11th, 2018. The game supports up to four players in both local & online modes. Players will attempt to escape from different levels in a prison. The Escapists 2 features a new art style along with over 300 different character customization options. Except a review when the game releases in January, until then check out the latest trailer published by Team17 below!

The Escapists 2 Details

• 10 unique themed prisons to escape from including 3 transit prisons
• Play each prison solo or multiplayer with both local and online co-op and versus modes for up to four players*
• Drop-in, drop-out online multiplayer experience. Carefully plan and execute an intricate escape from your initial incarceration with your fellow inmates either online or locally, or simply hop into an existing game already in progress to help pull off the final touches of the escape!
• A brand-new combat system to make every prison brawl even more bruising
• Create your con with over 300 customisations to create your perfect prisoner
• New ways to escape
• New items to craft – Build yourself a homemade Taser to knock out guards plus many more!

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