InnerSpace Nintendo Switch Review

InnerSpace Review for Switch

Thank you for reading our review for InnerSpace on the Nintendo Switch. We we’re provided with a free review copy for the game, read our review below.

The ambient coloring and mystical art style of InnerSpace on the Nintendo Switch puts it into an abstract category of games. The main concept of InnerSpace has players flying in a upside-down/inverted universe in an attempt to find & discover artifacts. InnerSpace is a pretty laid-back game, with a main focus on exploration and discovery. You won’t find many dangers in InnerSpace, but instead will discover a variety of puzzles and a strange alien world worth visiting. The game opens with a fairly well rounded tutorial and pushes players into the games first area which focuses on the games main concepts of flight, discovery and small puzzle solving. The world of InnerSpace (the Inverse) features a rich history about a vanished civilization. The goal is to discover more about the worlds missing inhabitants by finding different artifacts hidden throughout the games many areas. InnerSpace really tries to break new ground with its ethereal art style, which allows players to soar up & down through skies, oceans and the strange abstract Inverse.


Flying in InnerSpace is pretty straightforward and doesn’t take a huge learning curve to master. One thing I didn’t like about the controls is turning left or right. The flying machine requires a lot of room to turn, which in some of the more confined areas presents problems. I found myself slamming into walls and other objects because of a lack of space. You can stop your flying machine in mid-air by holding one of the buttons on the Joy-Con and rotate the direction your facing at anytime. This also provides a great way to look at all the different surroundings in a given area.

InnerSpace Screenshot

There are tons of relics and artifacts to discover in InnerSpace. Players can also find airframes which give their flying machine more abilities and features (like flying through water for instance). A wide range of demigods (the remnants of the ancient civilization) provide some much needed character to the ethereal world.


Graphically InnerSpace makes good on its abstract worlds. The colors along with decent lighting give InnerSpace a mythical charm. Flying from one zone to another often times feels like flying into a drop of water, with different zones feeling like the snap of surface tension on water when you first enter them. While the colors and unique universe give the game a nice graphical look there are times when the art style / graphics get a little underwhelming. This is usually in larger areas, which don’t always feature interesting landmarks or locales.


InnerSpace provides a fun yet somewhat slow experience. If your looking for an action packed flight simulator this isn’t for you. There are plenty of things to discover along with upgrades for your flying machine, but the real treat in playing InnerSpace is discovering more about the ancient civilization that once called the Inverse their home. While playing I compared InnerSpace to the Myst series, which also features abstract worlds and gameplay centered on puzzle / discovery. If you like exploration games then InnerSpace might be the perfect game for you.

InnerSpace Nintendo Switch Review Score

  • Gameplay: 8/10
  • Graphics: 7/10
  • Music & Sound: 7/10
  • Replay Value: 6/10
  • Final Review Score: 7/10 (Good)

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