Little Dragons Café First Trailer Nintendo Switch & PS4

Little Dragons Café, Nintendo Switch & PS4 Screenshot

Aksys Games publishes first trailer for Little Dragons Café coming to Switch & PS4 this summer!

The first trailer for Little Dragons Café was published today by Aksys Games. The trailer shows off a variety of gameplay elements, including cooking, raising dragons, flight, exploration and more. You can see the full trailer below.




Little Dragons Cafe is being developed by Yasuhiro Wada who’s had a big hand in other popular game series including Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons. Little Dragons Cafe’s story centers around running a family cafe while trying to save the life of the character’s mother. The art style and design elements look similar to Harvest Moon. The small town community feel with some interesting elements like using your dragon to fly around and explore the world makes Little Dragons Cafe stand out. The game is scheduled to release sometime this summer.

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