Of Mice And Sand: REVISED Announced for Nintendo Switch

Of Mice and Sand: Revised Nintendo Switch

Arc System Works announced today that the adventure game Of Mice and Sand: REVISED will be releasing on the Nintendo Switch. The publisher published a trailer along with other details including release date, price and download file size. Of Mice and Sand: REVISED has players take control of a crew of mice, which are exploring an alien planet using a multi-room ship (see trailer below). Players will navigate the alien world in search of treasures while taking care of the rodent crew. A variety of info was published on the game today. For instance, players can add different rooms and areas to the mouse ship – like a factory, workbench, lab etc. Adding different departments allows the player to craft different items to help the mice crew with their adventure.

Of Mice and Sand: REVISED Game Details

  • Price : $9.99
  • Release Date : December 21st, 2017
  • 1 Player
  • Genre : Simulation / Adventure



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