New Japanese Trailer for Happy Birthdays on Nintendo Switch

Happy Birthdays Nintendo Switch

A new Japanese trailer for Happy Birthdays was published today (see below). The latest trailer is over 3 minutes long and showcases a variety of activities in this interesting sandbox game. Happy Birthdays is being produced by Mr. Yasuhiro Wada, who’s best known for his work on the Harvest Moon series. Happy Birthdays is a game where players will manipulate a cube-shaped world in an attempt to give life to different lifeforms. Players will be able to experiment with things like geography, temperature in an attempt to alter the worlds life forms and other aspects of the ecosystem. One of the main goals of the developer is to provide the player with the ability and freedom to create any type of world they want. Happy Birthdays is scheduled to release in North America in 2018. The Japanese version will most likely release first, with North America and Europe following after. You can watch the latest trailer below.

Latest Trailer for Happy Birthdays On Nintendo Switch

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