New Reveal Trailer for Yuppie Psycho on Switch, PS4 & Xbox One

Yuppie Psycho, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One Announcement

Yuppie Psycho is releasing on the Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this fall according to publisher Another Indie. A new trailer for Yuppie Psycho was also published (see below). In Yuppie Psycho you’ll play as Brian Pasternack, a man with no future in a dystopian 90’s society. Brian will eventually start his first day on the job at the world’s largest corporation – Sintracorp. Yuppie Psycho is a horror survival game. Players will solve puzzles, engage other employees in conversation and other gameplay elements as they try to uncover new paths without letting the Witch get you. Watch the trailer below.


 Yuppie Psycho – Debut Trailer

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