Nintendo Definitely Not Skimping on Switch Power Claims Image & Form Games

nintendo switch

Image & Form Games claims Nintendo is definitely not skimping on specs for the Nintendo Switch. Recently posted on Twitter, Image & Form Games announced that they are the first developers in Europe to have games in development for the Switch. A question was asked by Twitter user , who asked if games run worse when using the system as a handheld vs the TV. In response Image & Form Games claimed that Nintendo is not skimping on the Nintendo Switch’s power.


After the developer response another Twitter user asked “Relative to what? The 3ds“. In response, Image & Form Games replied – ‘Compared to past home consoles 🙂 ‘.  These vague replies don’t provide a ton of insight into the Switch specs, but does confirm that some of the industries developers are excited for the console hybrids horsepower. Not a whole lot is known about the specs for the Nintendo Switch. Earlier last month we got word from NVIDIA that they’d be supplying a custom Tegra processor and GPU. No benchmark specs we’re given, but many in the industry are claiming that the Switch specs will be close to Xbox One and PS4. Nintendo is planning on holding a 2017 Nintendo Switch Presentation, which will reveal additional information on the system’s launch line-up, system specs and more. Image & Form Games will soon be releasing the Steamworld Collection on the Wii U on November 15th, no word on if the game is getting ported to the Nintendo Switch. We’ll release more info on the Switch specs as soon as they become available.

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