Nintendo Fan’s NX Wish List

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The typical Nintendo fan probably has an extensive wishlist for the Nintendo NX. While rumors continue to circulate on the internet, many fans have already begun to contemplate the ultimate Nintendo console. It’s no coincidence that many of the current rumors seem closer to a Nintendo fans wish list than actual reality. Nintendo has kept the NX a secret as it usually does with it’s console development. So dependable leaks are hard to believe unless the leak comes from a trusted source. Not to long ago many people would’ve thought it crazy if Nintendo released a next gen console using cartridges. But many dependable sources (, are citing such rumors as possible maybes, suddenly making us wonder will the NX utilize cartridges.

Nintendo NX Wish List

  • NX Games Will Work On The NX Console & NX Handheld
  • Splatoon 2 On NX Launch Day
  • Metroid NX (We need a new fps Metroid)
  • Compatibility with Wii U games and accessories
  • Next Nintendo Handheld can be used as a controller for the NX console
  • NX support for a Nintendo phone, which has a cartridge for NX game cards/cartridges
  • Call of Duty for NX


What other items are missing from this Nintendo NX wish list?


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