Opinion: The Nintendo Switch TV Dock Should Have a Cartridge Slot

I’ve been playing the Nintendo Switch since the console-handheld hybrid launched last year. Since then I’ve become very fond of the system. While I have some complaints about other aspects of the Switch none of them reach the levels of frustration when it comes to the cartridge slot on the Switch. Tucked away on the top of the Switch is one of gamings most inconvenient cartridge bays that is only slightly better in design compared to the original Nokia N-Gage. While the Switch does one better than the N-Gage by not making you remove its battery to change out a game the Switch’s cartridge slot still seems poorly conceived compared to other Nintendo systems. A mini door with small grooves protects an inserted cartridge similar to the 3DS family of systems.

Like the 3DS, the Switch’s cartridge bay door pulls outward once you pry the locking mechanism upward (or downward based on how you’re holding the Switch). While the 3DS cartridge bay feels awkward and flimsy at times it doesn’t have all the frustrations of the Switch’s cartridge slot. Sometimes when changing out games on the Switch the cartridge door can become stuck. Its door’s two little teeth can move around when you shut the cartridge slot – making opening the cartridge bay difficult. For players who swap-out games often it can become a slight hassle and frustration when changing games. For me I keep my Switch on the Switch Dock most of the time (95% of the time). Having to pull my Switch off the dock and open the cartridge door to swap games becomes a real hassle.

If Nintendo released a new Switch TV Dock with a cartridge in the front of the Dock I think this would make switching games for players who prefer gaming on the TV easier. Cartridges inserted in both the TV Dock and the Switch tablet/handheld would both be accessible from the Switch’s Home Menu.


Nintendo Switch TV Dock Mock-up with Cartridge Slot

Nintendo is definitely going to release an upgraded Switch TV Dock at some point. While it makes sense that Nintendo would add a game card slot on the TV Dock the company may prioritize other features over adding another cartridge slot. The TV Dock could later house additional processors and RAM to increase graphic performance when playing on the TV for certain games. Right now the TV Dock acts mainly as a over-glorified TV adapter for the Switch.


There are some 3rd party TV docks for the Switch avaiable at online retailers. Many of these TV stations offer many different features not originally found in Nintendo’s included Switch dock. None of these include a cartridge slot built into the dock – so there’s no solution via 3rd parties just yet. This should give Nintendo the incentive to release a new Switch TV Dock before a clone company does.

What do you think? Should Nintendo release a Switch TV Dock with a cartridge slot built in? Let me know using the comments below.

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